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Department of International Relations

Welcome to the Department of International Relations. The Department of International Relations was established in 1998 with a vision to enable broader and deeper understanding about the evolving nature of international politics and other relevant issues. The Department is one of the leading academic beacons under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka. The Department offers undergraduate, post-graduate, M.Phil and Ph.D programmes. In addition, the Department offers a professional Masters programme titled 'Weekend Masters in International Relations (WMIR)'. The classrooms of the Department are well eqipped with the state-of-the-art teaching facilities. The Seminar Library contains a rich collection of study materials and provides an intellectually stimuliating study envionment for the students and the faculty members. The Department has a faculty strength of nineteenth academecians serving as Proffesor, Associate Pro...

Department of English

Welcome to the department of English.
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Department of History

The Department of History at Jahangirnagar University is a prominent academic unit that focuses on the study of past events, civilizations, cultures, and societies. Established in 1972, the department has a long and distinguished history of producing top-notch scholars, researchers, and professionals who are actively engaged in the field of history.

The department offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs that provide a comprehensive understanding of history, its methodologies, and theories. The curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of historical periods, including ancient, medieval, and modern history, as well as different geographical regions of the world, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

The department's faculty members are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields of specialization. They are dedicated to providing students with a challenging and stimulating learning environment that fosters critical thinking...

Department of Philosophy

Philosophy, as a distinct and independent department at Jahangirnagar University, begun its journey in 1984. There were only ten undergrad students in the first batch and currently more than five hundred students are pursuing their major in philosophy. The department, in its comparatively young age, achieved notable success and unique position in philosophical research and teaching in Bangladesh and beyond. The eminent faculty members, enthusiastic student, comprehensive and modern syllabi, distinguished visiting scholars made this remarkable achievement possible in a very short time. In all areas of philosophy including history of philosophy, Anglo-American philosophy, analytic philosophy, philosophy of science, Indian philosophy, Muslim philosophy, Asian philosophy, Chinese and Japanese philosophy, moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, symbolic logic, mathematical logic, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, environmental philosophy...

Department of Drama & Dramatics

The Department of Drama and Dramatics is within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Jahangirnagar University. It started it’s journey in 1986 with an objective to provide modern and broad education in theatre. This department is preparing students as well-trained theatre and drama professionals to meet the contemporary demand of national and international theatre and media. It also aims at investigating ‘performance’, ‘theatre’ and ‘drama’ through a combination of imaginative practice and rigorous academic study with a view point of critical and cultural theory. It undertakes comprehensive studies of performance and theatrical forms through an integrated program of-

* tutorial tests, seminars and lectures.
* practical projects and workshops.
* play direction, performance and dramaturgy.
* field work, presentations and dissertations.

We want to be distinctive by our primary...

Department of Archaeology

Department of Archaeology, Jahangirnagar University offers undergraduate as well as MSS, M.Phil and PhD degrees in archaeology. It emphasizes an Archaeological and interdisciplinary approach, tailoring the program to the needs of the individual. Students are expected to take advantage of the considerable flexibility in program requirements. Theory, method and laboratory courses and field work are all regarded as important components in the curriculum of students in Archaeology, both undergraduate and graduate.
While the Department insists that all graduates become competent field archaeologists, it takes a broad view of the discipline. Besides many theses on aspects of geo-archaeology, pre- and proto-historic archaeology, others in recent years have focused on ancient art and architecture, archaeo-botany, bio-archaeology, environmental archaeology, historic archaeology, ethnology, ethnoarchaeology, iconography, Epigraphy and Numismatics , taphonomy, museum studies and heritage...

Department of Bangla

জাহাঙ্গীরনগর বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের গৌরবদীপ্ত অতীত ঐতিহ্যের প্রায় সমান অংশীদার বাংলা বিভাগ। কয়েকটি বিভাগের সঙ্গে প্রথমাবস্থায় সহায়ক বিষয় হিসেবে বাংলায় পাঠদান শুরু হয় ১৯৭১ সালে। কিন্তু অচিরেই একটি পূর্ণাঙ্গ বিভাগ ‍হিসেবে এর জন্ম হয় ১৯৭২-৭৩ শিক্ষাবর্ষে। তৎকালীন উপাচার্য সৈয়দ আলী আহসান বিশেষ ক্ষমতাবলে পূর্ণায়তন বিভাগ খোলার নির্দেশ দান করেন। অধ্যাপক মুস্তাফা নূরউল ইসলাম, অধ্যাপক ড. হুমায়ূন কবীর (হুমায়ূন আজাদ), অধ্যাপক মুহম্মদ মুনিরুজ্জামান (হায়াৎ মামুদ) ও অধ্যাপক দানীউল হক সহ বহু গুণী শিক্ষকের পদচারণায় মুখর হয়েছে এ-বিভাগ। বিগত প্রায় অর্ধশত বছরব্যাপী সহস্রাধিক ছাত্রছাত্রী বিভাগ থেকে স্নাতক ও স্নাতকোত্তর ডিগ্রি অর্জন করেছেন। এম ফিল ও পিএইচডি ডিগ্রিও অর্জন করেছেন উল্লেখযোগ্য সংখ্যক ছাত্রছাত্রী। তাঁরা অনেকেই দেশে ও বিদেশে বহু সম্মানজনক পেশা ও কর্মকাণ্ডে নিয়োজিত রয়েছেন। পড়াশুনা, গবেষণা ও শিল্পসৃজনে রয়েছে এ-বিভাগের ঐতিহ্যগত সুনাম। বাংলা বিভাগ সেই সূচনালগ্ন থেকেই গুণিজনকে আমন্ত্রণ জানিয়ে আসছে বক্তৃতা দেবার জন্য, কখনোবা পরিদর্শনের জন্য। বছরের নিয়মিত সেমিনার ছাড়াও বিশেষ...

Department of Journalism and Media Studies

Journalism and Media Studies is a vibrant and exciting academic discipline, which is seeing growing importance and expansion all over the world. In the age of information, driven by a flurry of technological innovations, only technology based education with a mix of critical and analytical thinking could prepare young people to fight today’s challenges. The vision of the department is to advance this idea and produce graduates who will eventually contribute to the development of the country.
In the fast changing media scene of Bangladesh, knowledge, technological literacy, leadership and communication skills, and innovations are the main weapons that could properly equip a student. The department has tailored its curriculum to fit the bill. It puts particular emphasis on research and innovation. In addition, there are a wide range of activities engaging students, both inside and outside the classroom, like presenting papers or shooting for audio-visual productions. Studen...

Department of Fine Art

Since the session of 2012-2013 the Jahangirnagar University has started their graduation (honours) course in Fine Art department in four years’ term duration. The curriculum of the Fine Art department in Jahangirnagar University has been prepared to maintain the relevancy with the processes of Fine Art education in other universities of Bangladesh. For many years approximately 71 years, the Universities of our country have been continuing the under graduation and post graduation courses in Fine Art disciplines. So, from this point of view, the Department of Fine Art at Jahangirnagar University is a very newer addition in institutional aesthetic studies of art. Though our students are already proving themselves in the national art arena.

The aim of the Fine Art Department is such as if the students can be the strong successors of cosmopolitan art ideas from all over the globe being educated with the eminent history of our dynamic journey. The curriculum consists the ele...