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The Department of Drama and Dramatics is within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Jahangirnagar University. It started it’s journey in 1986 with an objective to provide modern and broad education in theatre. This department is preparing students as well-trained theatre and drama professionals to meet the contemporary demand of national and international theatre and media. It also aims at investigating ‘performance’, ‘theatre’ and ‘drama’ through a combination of imaginative practice and rigorous academic study with a view point of critical and cultural theory. It undertakes comprehensive studies of performance and theatrical forms through an integrated program of-

* tutorial tests, seminars and lectures.
* practical projects and workshops.
* play direction, performance and dramaturgy.
* field work, presentations and dissertations.

We want to be distinctive by our primary concern with innovative contemporary performance and its return to the root of Bangla traditional Theatre. We focus on drama, theatre and performance of the twentieth century from a global perspective; we have keen interests in innovative performance, including experimental theatre, community and inter-cultural theatre, moreover we see drama and performance from a wider sense of ritual and social behavior.
The Drama and Dramatics department, Jahangirnagar University is a leading department in our country which has already discovered the lost ancient theatre heritage of Bangla theatre.
So, our objective is to provide an education in independent critical thinking and self-determined creative action. We aim at providing students with a considerate range of individual, practical and analytical skills, which can be successfully transmitted to a wide variety of working situations.
The Department of Drama and Dramatics of Jahangirnagar University considers such topics as dramaturgy, space and scene design, art of performance and the relationship between theatre and other arts (including film, music, dance and fine art); It experiments the form and content of plays while it observes the historical trend of actor, director and designers too. This involves the study of plays as texts for performance; some techniques and methods for actors, directors and theatre technicians.

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Dr. Afsar Ahmad

Professor, Department of Drama & Dramatics

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Dr. Lutfor Rahman

Professor, Department of Drama & Dramatics

Dr. Rashid Haroon

Professor, Department of Drama & Dramatics

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Dr. Md. Aminul Islam

Professor, Department of Drama & Dramatics

Muhammad Shajjad Ahsan PhD

Professor, Department of Drama & Dramatics

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