Hare Krisna Kundo
Hare Krisna Kundo Professor, Department of Public Administration

Public Administration- as a practice is almost as old as human civilization but as a academic field it is relatively new in contrast of most other academic discipline of Social Science. To keep pace with the diversified role of today's modern state Public Administration or say Civil service is being more and more dynamically functional and the so called traditional administration is proving itself obsolete consequentially studying Public Administration is becoming a prerequisite of being a successful administrator.
The goal of the Department of Public Administration of Jahangirnagar University is to make compatible future Administrators as well as to advance the study of Administration in Bangladesh. We highly encourage academic and research atmosphere. Faculties are highly qualified with high-flying scholarships including full bright, commonwealth, VLIR etc. We also encourage research interests among students by recognizing their works. To amplify this phenomenon our department has recently signed a MOU with Asia Foundation. Well being of students is highly ensured by proper time to time counseling with them. Accumulating these we are on a mission to enhance our academic excellence and to make a difference to society.
Use of modern information technology is a major amenity for modern academic endeavor. Dynamic flow of information increase efficiency and that is why the Website of the Department of Public Administration stands for. Here, you will find detailed information on undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs that our department offers. Students, teachers and other stakeholders will find important notices, results, and information about events as well as news related to the department and the discipline.
I cordially invite you to learn more about our department.

Hare Krisna Kundo