Dr. A K M Yusuf Hassan Professor, Department of Drama & Dramatics

The department of Drama and Dramatics of Jahangirnagar University is a pioneering platform of Bangladesh with a clear vision of promoting and experimenting indigenous theatre of Bangladesh. Besides it’s offer of under graduation, post-graduation, M.Phil. and PhD degrees in the field of Drama and Theatre, it intends to carry on the research and experiments on theatre and performance with a global perspective. The department emphasizes on the intensive study of world theatre history and theories along with it’s practical activities to prepare the students for next world of performing arts. Our curriculum looks forward to make this discipline a unique icon to mark the changes of civilization. Theory, method, laboratory courses and field work are all regarded as important components in the curriculum of students in this department, both in undergraduate and graduate level.

The department insists that all graduates become a knowledgeable practitioner with a strong passion for the indigenous aesthetics of our land and culture. We exercise an intimate and interactive teaching-learning relation with a view of understanding the true essence of this unique art. Theatre Studies is our acclaimed research journal which is published yearly to explore our research findings on Bangla Theatre with a comparative perspective to world theatre studies. We welcome all good of world to grasp the life of human through artistic communication of theater art.

Dr. A K M Yusuf Hassan