Dr. Muhammod  Nazrul  Islam
Dr. Muhammod Nazrul Islam Professor, Department of Geography & Environment



My educational background, work experience and research areas are summarized below.

 a. Qualifications: I have completed my B. Sc (Hons) and M. Sc in Geography (Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh) with 1st class 1st position in both occasions and Ph. D in Physical Geography (University of Hull, England). I have nearly 33 years of teaching and research experience in the different institutions including Jahangirnagar University, National University, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Daffodil International University, University of South Asia, Bangladesh, North South University; Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University; and doctoral and postdoctoral research experiences (with British Royal Society and Commonwealth Fellowships) in the Department of Geography, University of Hull, England on different geomorphological and environmental issues.

 b. Knowledge: I have a very good knowledge in different aspects of environmental and geomorphological disciplines, published many papers in different peer-reviewed books and journals. My teaching and research works cover various issues in geomorphological and environmental disciplines. These include:

 ▪ Climate change, disaster and food security (Disaster, monga and food security, poverty eradication through Community Food Bank, climate change and food security, environmental migration, etc.).

Environmental planning and management (Application of GIS, environmental impact assessment, water and industrial pollution, flooding due to environmental change, mangrove forest degradation, etc.).

River channel morphodynamics (Bank erosion and channel sedimentation, char formation and channel braiding, sediment mineralogy, etc.).

Flooding and floodplain management (Flood frequency, flood vulnerability and adaptation, channel sedimentation and its impact on flooding, etc.).

 c.  Skills and competencies: I have undertaken research and maintained consultancy practice on many aspects of geomorphology and environmental science. Apart from that I was the Head (Chairman) of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Jahangirnagar University, and gained a good administrative and management planning knowledge. I have a professional training in GIS and Remote Sensing, and disaster management.

 d. Experience: I have taught different fields of physical geography and environment including Fluvial Geomorphology, Hydrology, Flood Plain and Watershed Management, Environmental Hazard and Disaster Management, Urban Waste and Effluent Management, Agriculture and Food Security. I have supervised a number of graduate and postgraduate research students.

 I have completed an international collaborative interdisciplinary research as Project Director (Lead Partner) (with the University of Hull, England) on food security through community food bank and employment generation in the context of changing climate; and a consultative research on climate change, food and nutrition security: strategies for adaptation. I have also worked as National Coordinator (Livelihood Theme Team Leader) of Action Research for Community Adaptation in Bangladesh (ARCAB), in partnership with Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), Bangladesh.


Fluvial Geomorphology, Environmental Management and Auditing, Disaster and Food Security


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Dr. Muhammod Nazrul Islam

Department of Geography & Environment
Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.
Email: mnislam.geo@juniv.edu