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The philosophy of education drives the goal of education of a nation, the same as for the Physics and Science Education. The vision and mission of Physics and Science Education should remain very clear to the students and teachers of physics. The responsibility of the physicists and the services from them for the society need to be exposed to the nation. To attain the national goal, the physicists should be prepared accordingly in the universities, starting from the primary schools.      

Good teaching practice has a great role to create the proper mindset for high quality education and professionalism in students for real life. However, designing of lectures, classrooms and institutional environment is critical in this regard. Currently, information-technology aids are available for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, which can be used to standardize lecture methods and proper assessment process of teaching and learning. Standard rubrics are required to maintain better education. Various research approaches (qualitative, quantitative, action research approach etc.) can be applied to address socioeconomic, neurocognitive and behavioural disorders for contextualized solutions in teaching and learning at any level.

Physics and Science Education research is the study on “how people learn physics and science and how to improve the quality of physics and science education”. Researchers try to develop objective means to measure the outcomes of educational methods. How to know whether the teaching and learning processes are successfully completed? This research group in the department is working to develop an education paradigm for Physics and Science Education.


Available Projects:

1. To develop effective strategy of science education in schools.

2. To produce a mindset for physics problem solving independently. 

3. Community Schooling: This project is dedicated to develop teaching methods under online "Community School". This school is conducted by the bright students who are being trained through Teacher Training Course (TTC) program under this PSE lab. For details, facebook page of Community School can be visited: . Please contact for further queries (or send CV for Teaching Assistant (TA)/ Research Assistant (RA)) at E-mail:


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