Composite Fabrication Lab

Department of Physics

Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) lab has set a material synthesis lab with the basic synthesis facilities and purchased UV-Vis Spectroscopy and Impedance analyzer for the optical and electrical characterization of the as prepared thin film solar cells. CMP research lab also investigate the feasibility of recycling and reusing plastics bottles into composite materials for various practical applications. For the preparation and characterization of different composites materials  a composite fabrication lab has been set up with Planetary Ball Mill, injection molding, hot compression machine etc. 

The postgraduate students are actively using the facilities available in CMP research lab like the Impedance Analyzer, UV-Vis spectroscopy, Spin-Coater, Ball Milling machines, Hot-compression machine etc. for their MS thesis, MPhil and PhD research projects. Students are using the material synthesis lab for preparing their newly proposed samples (e.g., thin films, ferrite, composites etc.) thanks to HEQEP subproject CP 3415. Under the subproject these research lab is equipped with many chemicals and reagents and other synthesis tools for sample preparation. All these facilities enabled faculties to choose cutting edge research topics and fabricate materials like graphene and graphene based composites using these synthesis and fabrication facilities.