Deapartment of Philosophy, Jahangirnagar University offers four year BA ( Honors) degree. For a four-year BA (Honors) Degree in Philosophy students are required to complete 31 units in philosophy and allied courses, or 124 credits, equivalent to 3100 marks including viva voce.  Each full unit course bears 100 marks, equivalent to 4 credits, whereas a half unit course bears 50 marks, equivalent to 2 credits.

Courses shall extend over a period of four academic years and shall be divided into four parts: B.A. Honors Part I, B.A. Honors Part II, B.A. Honors Part III and B.A. Honors Part IV.  Annual Examination for each part shall be held at the end of each academic year to complete a Part of study according to the following distribution of units. Part I consists of 650 marks (including viva-voce),  Part II 750 marks (including viva-voce), Part III 850 marks (Including viva-voce) and Part IV 850 marks (including viva-voce).

The viva-voce examination bears 50 marks, equivalent to 2 credits, to be held separately for each Part, i.e., Part I, Part II, Part III & Part IV, totaling 200 marks for the entire program.


BA Honors Syllabus

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BA Honors Syllabus