Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Chemistry

The admission to M.Phil/Ph.D course in chemistry will be in accordance with the ordinance for the degree of master of philosophy of this university. A student admitted to M.Phil/Ph.D course will have to undertake two years full time supervised study in the department under the guidance of a supervisor/supervisors. The department will offer courses of specialization in selected branches of chemistry e.g., Physical, Inorganic, Organic etc. and the degree of M.Phil/Ph.D shall consist of (a) written examination on approved courses, (b) submission of a thesis on an approved topic and (c) an oral examination.

The department will offer a number of courses in the first year from which a student will have to take courses covering 200 marks, which will be determined by the respective supervisor/supervisors. There will be an examination on the approved courses at the end of the first year, the pass marks for the courses will be 50%. The M.Phil. students will be required to carry out research on approved topics both in the first and second year and give a minimum of two seminars on topics in his field of research and approved by the supervisor and the full time Ph.D. students will be required to carry out research on specific approved topic for at least 3 years while the minimum research period for part time Ph.D. student will be 5 years. The student will submit a thesis on the approved topic with necessary approval of the supervisor/supervisors and will have to appear at an oral examination provided his thesis is recommended for acceptance by the examiners.

The detailed syllabus for M. Phil./PhD degree in Chemistry is given below.

Syllabus for MPhil and PhD degree in Chemistry