Bachelor of Science [B. Sc. (Hons.)]

Courses of study for a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Chemistry shall extend over a period of four academic years and shall be divided into four parts: Part-I, Part-II, Part-III and Part-IV. The Part end examinations shall be held at the end of first year, second year, third year and fourth year, respectively.

A candidate for an Honours degree in Chemistry shall have to take all courses listed totaling fifty one courses covering 136 credits. Of the 51 courses there will be 35 theoretical courses (94 credits), 11 practical courses (30 credits), one industrial training/laboratory project (2 credits) and 4 viva-voce courses (10 credits). The Chem. 370 Course (Computing and Information Technology for Chemistry) will spread over two years (from second to third year).

The Chem. 470 (Industrial Training/Laboratory Project) course will primarily be meant for giving practical training to the students in an appropriate chemical/pharmaceutical industry/research institute. In case a placement of a student in an industry cannot be assured, only then a student will have the option to complete a laboratory project to be offered by the teachers of the department or in an appropriate research institution.

Assignment of credits:

Theoretical Courses: A 1 unit (4-credits) course will involve three lecture hours per week
(a total of 55 to 60 lecture hours) and a 0.5 unit (2-credits) course will involve two lecture hours per week
(a total of 35 to 40 lecture hours).

Practical Courses: Minimum 9 hours per week for six weeks for a 0.5 unit (2-credits) course and 15 hours per week for 7 weeks for a 1 unit (4-credits) course.

Marks Distribution: Of the total marks in a theoretical or a practical course 70% will be from the written/ practical examination to be held at the end of the course and 20% from tutorials and class tests conducted throughout the course and 10% from class attendance. For assessment of class works (tutorial) a minimum of three tests for a 1 unit course and two tests for a ½ unit course will be taken.

The detailed syllabus for B. Sc. (Hons.) degree in Chemistry is given below.

Syllabus for B. Sc. (Honours) degree in Chemistry