Tapos Kumar Das
Tapos Kumar Das Associate Professor, Department of Law & Justice

As the Chairperson of the Department, I have the honor of introducing you to the Department of Law and Justice as we embarked upon our flagship LLM program in addition to our highly esteemed LLB program. In this Department, we cherish and try to forge traditions of outstanding scholarship, inspiring teaching, commitment to pro-bono legal services, and recruitment of the most outstanding faculty members and students.

Here we constantly ask ourselves the hard question of how best justice can be served and how the law fits into that quest as an indispensable means to that elusive end. While critical, interdisciplinary, and clinical legal education form the core trinity of our academic curriculum, research orientation is equally emphasized much to the credit of our founding Chairperson Dr. Mohammad Shahabuddin. In its pursuit of excellence, the Department of Law and Justice offers a challenging yet supportive environment where theory and practice converge. We also make sure that our courses are both vast in scope and substantive in-depth. Our broad range of courses goes well beyond traditional lego-centricity exploring in-depth the legal engagement and encounter with the ideas and methodologies of other relevant discourses. We believe that integrated legal education is essential in harnessing the innate potential of law to make it the best that it can be in the service of justice. We pride ourselves on innovation in legal education in Bangladesh but are also aware of the risk of it and therefore take sincere care not to derail from our primary focus on the basic discourses of law.

Our classes are diverse and students are wildly talented. The engaged character of the Department means that here the students are vibrant, bright, and skilled enough to inspire each other for greater success. Our students are equal stakeholders in our success; they have earned pride for us making their position in prestigious public and private services at home and abroad. 


For the LLM programme, we remain solemnly committed as ever to providing the best legal education that the Department has to offer and preparing our students to face the challenges that lie ahead, and finding out the answers to the questions awaiting us in the future.


Tapos Kumar Das