Prof. Dr. Mohammad Alamgir Kabir
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Alamgir Kabir Professor, Department of Statistics and Data Science

Welcome to the Department of Statistics, Jahangirnagar University. Our department is one of the four Departments with which Jahangirnagar University started its journey in 1970. Our goal is always to build the department as a center of excellence, providing the highest quality education and leading-edge research.


In today’s age of information, the adoption of new statistical methods and tools has grown enormously. The field of Statistics is changing continuously in response to the remarkable increase in demand for statistical thinking and methodology in scientific research. The ubiquitous use of statistical ideas has required us to adapt both our teaching and research quickly. Our qualified faculty members are always ready to meet these new challenges.


The department offers BS (honors), MS, MPhil, and PhD degrees in Statistics. We also offer a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Applied Statistics and Data Science (ASDS). Our regular programs cover a broad range of courses focusing theory, applications, and computation using different statistical software such as Python, R, SPSS, STATA, etc. In addition, research in the department focuses on advanced data science tools and covers several areas such as Data Mining, Machine Learning, Computer Intensive Statistics, Big Data, Spatial Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Meta-analysis, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Epidemiology, Demography, Design of Experiment, Econometrics, Advance Statistical Modelling, etc.


We regularly update our courses, which opens the window of opportunity for our students to get acquainted with the recent developments in the field and, become able to implement the knowledge in their professional life. We are very proud of our long track record of producing graduates who have become leaders of many areas of scientific and human endeavor. Many of them are working in the diversified organizations in both home and abroad with reputation. The percentage of the statistics graduates and their performance in different sectors, especially in the Teaching, Research, Financial Service, and Public Service sectors, are splendid. Some of the former students of the department are working in the top-ranked universities around the globe.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Alamgir Kabir