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Dr. Ajit Kumar Majumder
Dr. Ajit Kumar Majumder Department of Statistics

Dr. Ajit Kumar Majumder

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The study of computer programming itself investigates various aspects of the use of programming languages and complex systems, and human-computer interaction focuses on the challenges in making computers and computations useful, usable, and universally accessible to humans.

Department of Mathematics

Welcome to the department of Mathematics.
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Department of Physics

Welcome to the department of Physics.
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Department of Environmental Sciences

The Department of Environmental Sciences is an academic department in the faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences of Jahangirnagar University. In addition to a full phase undergraduate program, the department also offers graduate degree programs leading to Master of Science (MS), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) emphasizing basic research of a disciplinary of interdisciplinary nature. The unique juxtaposition of several sciences in one department fosters cooperation and exchange among traditional disciplines that share similar methodological and philosophical problems. The research endeavors of both faculty and graduate students, whether disciplinary or interdisciplinary, deal largely with problems of fundamental scientific interest and to a lesser extent with applied science, management or policy making.

Department of Statistics

The Department has more than 30 top-notched faculty members, well equipped and well-furnished computer lab, a seminar library, and a contemporary syllabus which is updated in every four years period. The department is a pioneer of having a computer lab. Because of lab facilities, all the students of the department are very proficient in statistical computing and using different statistical packages such as SPSS, STATA, Minitab, Eviews, and programming language including C++, FORTRAN, R, SAS, GAUSS, MATLAB etc. In addition, all the graduate students are capable enough to conduct research independently.

Department of Geological Sciences

Department of Geological Sciences was established in 1986 as to understand the planet Earth as well as its resources & environment and to produce adequate number of effective and efficient manpower in the field of geosciences with the objectives of offering Honours courses in Geological Sciences, and specialized post-graduate courses leading to post-graduate Diploma, Master of Science (M.S) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD); conducting research and development in some special areas of Geological Sciences appropriate to the need of the country; and providing short term training courses to cater to the needs of different concerned organizations.

Department of Chemistry

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at the Jahangirnagar University. The Department views student’s education and training as its top priority and prepares them for today’s technology driven society and job market. Our Department is one of the leading departments among all other allied facilities in the country. We are committed to excellence in research, teaching. It provides a diverse research environment, which enables students to actively participate in the department’s life, and excel in their studies.

Mentored by our 34 dedicated research faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students are pursuing basic research projects in all areas of Chemistry such as Organometallic & coordination cluster Chemistry, Physical & Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Advanced Chemical Kinetics, Adsorption Phenomena of Bioadsorbents, Antidiabetic Activities of Met ...