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M.M. maizuddin Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts

The department  of fine art of the University of Jahangirnagar have started their journey in the year of 2012. With the inauguration of 2012-2013 session the department started graduation (honours) course in fine art discipline of four years’ term duration. Being very new in the field of higher studies of academic art education the department has already been signified as a very important one with enormous possibilities for professional art practice in our country. The art context of Bangladesh is spreading gradually and creating a new horizon in international art scenario with contemporary attribution. Besides its commercial market is also expanding in both sophisticated and corporate sectors. Considering  all these changing paradigms and emerging art enthusiasm among new generation we have prepared a curriculum comparing to the fine art departments of other universities of our country and abroad. The aim of preparing the curriculum of fine art department is such as if the students can be the strong successors of cosmopolitan art ideas from all over the globe being educated with the eminent history of our dynamic journey. The department of fine art wants to emphasize on the capabilities of students on accepting the aesthetic essence of eastern and western art from a comparative understanding which will be considered as the basic objective of the curriculum.  The students will come to know very clearly that the essence of the world’s art should be adopted with various  art practices for developing the imagination of life, at the same way to understand people and their art  of own locality. They should  imagine the beauty so should combine  the necessity of art into their lives.  As a result  the students will be able to attach the life living process of art with their own life getting involved with a continuing history of art and art activities. We do emphasize on both practical academic works and conceptual storming. Studying here the students will be efficient in practical works along with their theoretical studies so that they can pursue their journey for being complete artists.

We have aimed to transform our department into a full fledged Faculty of fine art with all necessary idea and technical support . Now the department is continuing its graduation courses in two disciplines- Painting and Craft. But we have planned to start gradually with the other prominent disciplines like Sculpture, Graphic design, Fashion design, Ceramics, Print making and History of Art in very near future. We are going to start our post graduation(masters) courses immediately along with all these positive plans. We are hopeful to create the premises healthy not only for the art students, but an open ground for the promising art practitioners of our country and abroad. We are determined to provide an enthusiastic circumstance confirming regular seminars, symposiums and art festivals on contemporary art scenarios of both local and global contexts. So we do believe that with a number of skilled personnel this department will be able to produce skillful  graduates who can play significant roles in both intellectual and commercial art context of our country and abroad.

M.M. maizuddin