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, Institute of Business Administration

A warm welcome to you all to the Institute of Business Administration (IBA-JU), Jahangirnagar University. Our vision has always been clear- to equip future leaders with the competence and character to address emerging global and local business and social challenges and opportunities. As the Director of this institute, I consider myself astonishingly lucky to work among such talented individuals in an institution with a long history, set of deeply held values, and outstanding track record in creating and disseminating knowledge in business and management, and respect for the individual.

IBA-JU's emphasis on academic rigor has long allowed us to attract the most talented students from all around Bangladesh. Intellectual debate and in-depth analysis are hallmarks of not only the business school but also the broader University. Here, "competition" is a good word. It keeps us focused on being the best at what we do, and it provides our students with many curricular advantages.

As the pioneer of four years' BBA program in the country, we have recently introduced Weekend MBA which is also the first of its kind in the country. While our regular full-time BBA and MBA program is well known for their stalwart academic excellence, our Weekend MBA program stand out for its flexibility. As some of our peers provide a structured, lock-step curriculum, we use a light touch when it comes to course requirements. We believe that our students have the right to decide what they will study based on their individual interests and career  aspirations.

The impact that IBA-JU has on management practice and public policy is driven by the activities of our extraordinary faculty as well as the achievements of our many illustrious alumni. Our students' relationship to the institute does not end at Convocation. We take seriously our responsibility not just to train students, but also to help launch their careers so they will have significant impact with the training that they receive here. A cohesive community of alumni, who remain active in the life of the institute, helps to amplify and spread this impact. We are committed to supporting our students' aspirations while here and beyond, and I am happy that many of our networks of more than 1,000 alumni feel a lasting affection for and connection with the institute. Many of our alumni give back in more ways than philanthropy – they mentor students and provide career advice and support.

As I look to the future of IBA-JU, I am excited about the opportunities to explore bold, new directions. We are expanding what we do, while staying true to our values and culture, which is to provide a rigorous, discipline-based approach to business education that respects the individual.