M.Sc in Information Technology

Institute of Information Technology



M. Sc. in Information Technology shall extend over a period of one academic years and will consist of two semesters. The program is hereinafter called Graduate Program. Each semester will have the duration of six months. Students shall be evaluated in each semester. A semester will be segmented into Class-weeks, Preparatory leave and Semester-end examination. Summary of M.Sc syllabus is given below:

Duration of Program : One academic year consisting of two semesters
Duration of each Semester : Six months
Total Credit Hour : 36
Credit in each Course : 3
Credit in Thesis Work : 3+9=12
Credit in Project Work : 3+3=6
Course Structure :   Compulsory Optional Project Thesis Total Credit
Semester I 03 Courses 02 Course 3 Credit 3 Credit 5×3+3=18 (All Groups)
Semester II 01 Course 04 for Project

02 for Thesis

3 Credit


9 Credit


5×3+3=18 (Project Group)

3×3+9=18 (Thesis Group)

Grand Total Credit 18+18=36


During class-weeks, if classes do not held in any particular week due to the reason beyond the control of the university, the week shall deem to be an effective class-week, if number of working days is equal to or more than three.

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