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Dr. Samsunnahar Khanam Associate Professor, Department of Government & Politics

Welcome to the Department of Government and Politics. Since it was established in 1976, Government and Politics has full-fledged into one of worthwhile schools in Bangladesh. This department offers an environment that encourages innovative thinking and supports research excellence. Apart from regular programmes, it organizes regular seminars, workshops, reading groups and conferences, providing the settings for critical engagements and exchanges between scholars with allied intellectual interests. The department maintains close working relationships with different universities of Bangladesh and South Asia. We do seek, where appropriate, to bring our research to bear in terms of key practical challenges and ensuing policy debates on emerging issues of politics, governance, policy and development both at national and international perspective. This department benefits from our outstanding faculty members. I look forward to welcoming you to the department of Government and Politics!

Dr. Samsunnahar Khanam